Chiropractic Testimonials

"Jason is great. He listens to and genuinely cares about his patients."

- Matthew N.

"I am so thankful for Dr. Palmer and his chiropractic care. My health has improved in so many ways....less headaches, more energetic, and a calm mind. I am grateful for not only his kindness but the expertise he has in his practice! I would highly recommend Dr. Palmer."

- Jen M.

"I am so thankful for Dr. Palmer's Chiropractic care. To experience such significant improvement so quickly is such a blessing! I am able to do activities pain-free that I haven't done pain-free in years! That it took a car accident to get me to see him is unfortunate but worth it in the big picture! I would recommend Dr. Palmer as a 1st choice anytime! In addition, the office is pleasant, welcoming and more than accommodating. Thank you!"

- Donna D.

"Dr. Palmer is an incredibly kind and caring Chiropractor, and an all around great guy! I would recommend his office to anyone! :)"

- Brad M.

"Dr. Palmer's adjustments are gentle and effective. Wonderful bedside manner. Keirsten (front office lady) is a very pleasant person and greets every patient by name. Wonderful doctor and great environment."

- Sarah H.

"Dr. Palmer saw my husband and I after we had a car accident and he was amazing! He is very professional and has his office down to a science. One thing that surprised me about his practice was his in house X-ray before sessions start. A lot of chiropractors don’t do this and it is always best to see AND feel what’s wrong, before making changes. Overall, I would highly recommend this doctor and his practice!"

- Heather R.

"I think Dr. Palmer is terrific. I all ready feel better. Less pressure on my back. I will love it when I can get thru a day and not be grumpy from the pain. I think that may be soon. Thank you Dr. Palmer."

- Christine M.

"highly Highly! He helped me with an old back and neck injury I received from softball and tumbling. I couldn't twist my back nor move me next the left or right. After his help and patience I have no neck or back pain! I was very afraid of my neck being messed with, but he took the time to explain and ensure me that everything was safe and what he was going to do. Highly recommend."

- Angelina T.


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